Future of Work

Jobs are democratising

Team dissatisfaction, silo-thinking, micro-management, irresponsibility, lack of purpose,

intransparency, lack of insight, unfairness, insufficient appreciation, inauthentic feedback ->   disappointment, disengagement, disloyalty, loss of purpose, escape into freelance work and change.

Traditional models of work are no longer sustainable.
FOR therefore developed an “Organization Design” - customized principles for teams of people devoted to efficiency. The result:
Low hierarchy. A focus on strengths. We want the teamwork of the future – right now.



IDEAS over hierarchy

We continue to develop our systems for collaboration with one goal in mind:

to give power to the best ideas. 

We look to diversity to ensure variation, internationality and panoramic vision in our

international orientation.

STRENGHTS over positions

We see ourselves as a performance-oriented company.

We analyze feedback, identify strengths and, based on this foundation, assign strength -

based roles and functions. 

We work cross - functionally to ensure that competencies and strengths can be agilely distributed to where they are needed.


HEALTH over performance

We establish principles and systems to protect the physical and mental health of everyone.

We build daily work around the focused use of time.

ENVIRONMENT over intentions

We understand the strong influence of the environment - whether physical, digital or cultural.

We work in a separate 400 m2 R&D office while still networked and embedded in the Design Tower on Schwedenplatz in Vienna.

We enable quality training - due to the rapidity of change with a digital focus.

We embody collaboration as a team and innovate methods of collaboration real time and with real purpose.


COMPENSATION over salary

We compensate in a transparent manner and as a matter of principle far above the average.

We distribute performance-oriented, highly variable bonuses based on team success and individual performance.


Sounds good? It sounds like the future?

We promise never to give up and to keep improving the conditions!

In return, we expect only one basic principle from the team: to find the best 3% together. 

The best 3% of their profession, of their specific strengths or in their area of competency.


Ready to give it a try? Interested in more details? Let's get to know each other!


Developing products with the leader in innovation?

Influencing an entire industry?

The fastest growing industry worldwide?

Promoting democracy?