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Here, the bravest of minds are eager to create inventionsOur journey is an adventure–the most worthwhile of adventures!!

We are forming diverse groups of rare individuals, devoted to inventing. Our connected culture nurtures collaboration, creativity, and growth. We start what we signed up for, right here, where we work.

Our guiding principles










IDEAS over hierarchy 
Here, power is given to the best ideas. We work together and let the best ideas lead. We foster team diversity to breed spot-on creativity

STRENGTHS over positions
We have a strength-based culture. Giving feedback to each other is a systematic practice, based on which we identify each person’s strengths and accordingly distribute roles. We work cross-functionally to ensure competencies and strengths work where they are needed

ENVIRONMENT over intentions
We can be as strong-willed as it gets, but for how long, if our surroundings are not supporting? At FOR, we acknowledge the enabling forces of the environment–be it, physical, digital, or cultural. Physically, we are nested in the leading innovation hub of Austria, build daily work around the focused use of time, change workplaces, use quiet rooms. Digitally, we are natives. Culturally, we are universal

COMPENSATION over salary

Our compensation system is inventive too: competitive compared to our high-class competitors, transparent to the team, and smart. Planning to outbid the usual, fairly static salaries. We think outstanding talent should be compensated based on their "market value" and the team by performance in addition

Fit for the most worthwhile of adventures?

In constant search for brilliant minds, we are expanding our team. 

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Despite the company's aspiration to market leadership, 10-99% of its surpluses go to projects promoting Direct Democracy. And thus back into society.