That's FOR

FOR is a new kind of organization, one of those very few companies that elevate the lives of people. What we do is gather rare individuals, create superior solutions in strategic markets, and channel the company's surpluses back to society–strengthening and reforming our democracy.


Forming Teams

We started with FOR’s first team in Vienna, engineering harvesting solutions for the cannabis industry, mainly for cultivators dissatisfied with their current methods. Our strong focus on invention and automation allows us to be the first that beat the cost and time efficiencies of existing machinery and meet the quality of manual work. As such, we lift the burden of tedious manual work from people but preserve the same quality.

Why cannabis?
Moved by liberalization, it is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.

The legal cannabis industry is a multi-billion industry expected to realize a 27% CAGR during 2019-2023; that’s unparalleled–even higher than pharma and IT, whose best sub-sectors foresee some 13% growth (Bloomberg, 2020). The cannabis industry is rapidly professionalizing: more countries and states are issuing cultivator licenses, and many pharmaceutical companies are joining the scene. The market presents many opportunities for medical, safe, and regulated cannabis-based products.



Despite the company's aspiration to market leadership, 10-99% of its surpluses go to projects promoting Direct Democracy. And thus back into society.