Company FOR Democracy

By effectivists.

We want to channel our energy effectively into something meaningful and chose the sector of legal cannabis plant production as our first field of focus. A booming industry with opportunities for medicine and regulated consumption, for sensible use - and a great need for professionalization at the same time.

We are watching.

At the same time, we see an exponentially modernizing society challenged by digitalization, virtualization, robotization, fake news, a war for data, and attention to environmental, health, and social issues. Meeting this challenge requires internationality, thoughtful regulation, and new forms of (Direct) Democracy.

In the controversial case of cannabis regulation it took more than 80 years to pass adequate laws – we no longer have that much time for current challenges to society.

This is why the company FOR was created: to strive for market leadership in one of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy in order to channel the majority of the surpluses to non-profit organizations for the establishment of digital models of Direct Democracy.

We see this as being effective.


Our Partners

MAGU - Austria's leading quality producer


In addition to a basic focus on uncompromising quality, MAGU is driven by a collaborative spirit that is second to none. This alignment with FOR has led to a cooperation that allows us to lease their production facilities for cannabis breeding and processing, to conduct plant testing and to build complementary networks on both sides. In the future there is still much more to share. 


BOKU - One of Europe's leading life science universities

Our promise to develop the most effective cleaning concepts for solving the problem of extremely adhesive resin has led us to collaborate with the prestigious BOKU on the basis of research contracts. Our drive for comprehensive solutions will not end - we enjoying the feeling of uniting with the collected ingenuity of this institution.   


weXelerate - Austria's leading innovation hub

We found Vienna's perfect working environment in the weXelerate - Design Tower in the middle of the beating heart of the 2nd district near Schwedenplatz. We occupy and enclosed office of almost 400 m2.

And collaboration? We're under the same roof as some of Austria's largest companies in a partner network.


Developing products with the leader in innovation?

Influencing an entire industry?

The fastest growing industry worldwide?

Promoting democracy?



Despite the company's aspiration to market leadership, 10-99% of its surpluses go to projects promoting Direct Democracy. And thus back into society.