STRATEGY of Team Vienna

Our focus.

Our team in Vienna operates in the medical cannabis industry, one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. Opportunities for medicine and safe, regulated use.

The industry is rapidly professionalizing. State production licenses are being issued and pharmaceutical companies are entering the market.

We focus on harvesting processes and develop tools, machines, and multi-stage cleaning concepts with the aim of harvest automation.

During two years of intensive product development, we were able to reinvent 3 product categories - resulting in completely different harvesting workflows. These workflows enable manpower savings of at least 50% and provide the process reliability the industry requires. Our focus is invention. We're working on major, impactful innovations.

Our line.

Mindset + brilliance + environment.

We all want to work in a  meaningful way. To perform complementary and effective work as part of functioning teams - and with individual collaboration in our individual area strength.

This mindset is the foundation for the working conditions, systems, and culture of an organization, which – combined with brilliance and the right environment – lead to efficiency, great ideas, and breakthrough developments.
Those might sound like big words. But as a company, we oppose actions driven by reflex instead of careful thought, and we respond with respectful, in-depth problem-solving. We want to exceed the expectations of all users of a market based on quality. They are close to our hearts.
We welcome collaboration with anyone who shares these attitudes and the necessary brilliance.

Our market. 

Global sales of cannabis amount to around € 250-500 billion in total, of which 90-95% is currently still generated by the unregulated black market.
The problem of the black market will likely take a positive turn in the next 10 years as a consequence of liberal developments - the legal, regulated market will multiply in size several times over.
Despite the hype of the last few years (it’s already the second fastest-growing market in the USA and Canada), the regulated market is only at the beginning of its development.

Forecast: Legal, regulated cannabis market 


Legal aspects of cannabis liberalization

in medicine and recreation

  • Medical approval - where can patients get cannabis legally for medical use?

    • USA: Already approved for medical use in 35 states - an additional 3-4 states are expected to be approved in 2021.

    • Europe/South America/Australia: Most countries in these regions now tolerate regulated medical administration and use.

    • Germany: Already grants governmental licenses for production and thus allows the prescription of domestic cannabis, which previously and in parallel had to be imported from countries like Canada or Israel.


  • Approval for recreational use - where is legal consumption already a reality today?

    • Canada: Approved not only medical but also consumer use in 2018.

    • USA: 11 states now permit production and sale for recreational use as a result of citizens' initiatives - among them California, Alaska, and Nevada, and also Washington, D.C., the seat of government. Other states are preparing for legalization. A draft law at the federal level for complete liberalization has already been passed. 

    • Other states: Non-European states such as South Africa, Uruguay, and Georgia have legalized recreational use. Within Europe, recreational use is already tolerated in basic form although with some limitations in countries such as Italy, Spain, Portugal, the Czech Republic, and others.

  • Cannabinoid “CBD“ - not psychoactive but nevertheless healing.

    • Most of the world’s countries allow cannabinoids with different limits. A specific, non-psychoactive cannabinoid called “CBD“ (cannabidiol) is fully tolerated in most of these countries. Thanks to our endogenous cannabinoid receptor system, non mind-altering cannabinoids like “CBD” have high therapeutic potential. In addition to a stress relieving effect, it also has antiemetic, neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory properties. ”CBD” has been experiencing a boom for years.


  • Legal perspective on the future:

    • If a federal law for complete legalisation is passed in the USA, approval in most of the  world’s 296 states would be foreseeable in the medium term. Following the course set by the first referenda in 2012, the United States would then have reopened the way for controlled, regulated and hygienic use of one of the oldest cultivated plants on our planet.