That's FOR

FOR is a new kind of organization, one of those very few companies that aim to be effective in every respect. At the core of what we do are 3 steps… (1) we gather “first-rate” performers, (2) invent key products in strategic markets, and (3) channel the company's surpluses back to society.


​We gather rare individuals–the bravest of minds, those eager to perform and create inventionsWe form teams out of these individuals; teams where they join forces. This feeds into a self-reinforcing culture of creativity and growth.


With a focus on key products in strategic markets, we systemically spot untapped niches and create effective inventions to its existing problems.

Give back

Then, we channel the company's surpluses back to society. We tackle pressing societal topics. We promote projects that have the potential to reform our democracy.


Why democracy?

The decision-making structure of our political party system is outdated and can no longer cope with the increasing complexity of technological developments. We aim to build a digital decision-making platform that makes qualitative Direct Democracy possible. We need to direct decision power back to the wisest of the people.

What's in Vienna?

FOR's first base of engineers aims to automate harvesting in the cannabis industry. Our strong focus on invention allows us to radically beat existing machines. The goal is to automate the entire workflow. In doing so, we provide the process reliability the industry needs, relieve people of tedious manual work, and maintain the quality of the crop...

Why cannabis?

Moved by liberalization, it is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. The legal cannabis industry is a multi-billion industry expected to realize a 27% CAGR during 2019-2023; that’s unparalleled–even higher than pharma and IT, whose best sub-sectors foresee some 13% growth (Bloomberg, 2020). The cannabis industry is rapidly professionalizing: more countries and states are issuing cultivator licenses, and many pharmaceutical companies are joining the scene. The market presents many opportunities for medical, safe, and regulated cannabis-based products.

And by the way, the cannabis industry was even more in demand through Covid (New York Times, 2021).



Despite the company's aspiration to market leadership, 10-99% of its surpluses go to projects promoting Direct Democracy. And thus back into society.